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Coffee Of Grace - Medium Dark Decaf (12 Oz)
Coffee Of Grace - Medium Dark Decaf (12 Oz)

Coffee Of Grace - Medium Dark Decaf (12 Oz)

Brand: Coffee of Grace
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Coffee Of Grace - Medium Dark Decaf (12 Oz)

*DIRECT TRADE - 100 % direct trade coffees meeting our 5 point standard: 1. Physical site visit to farms, washing station and dry mills by Coffee of Grace representative (no 3rd party). 2. Personally managing all freight forwarding from farm gate to the roaster. 3. All producing partners agree to our quality standards of Specialty Grade coffee. 4. All producing partners support the farms they work with through education, access to necessary resources. No chemicals, no pesticides, no exceptions. 5. Payment terms are determined by quality and relationship. The commodities market is ignored and premiums are paid above Fair Trade minimums.

Features of Coffee Of Grace - Medium Dark Decaf (12 Oz)

  • * GREAT FLAVOR NOTES- Our coffee is decaffeinated by the proprietary SWISS WATER. This process uses water from the pristine environment of the coast mountains of British Columbia, Canada to gently remove the caffeine until the coffee beans are 99% caffeine free, while maintaining the bean's distinctive origin and flavor characteristics.
  • * DIRECT TRADE -100 % direct trade Rwandan specialty coffee. Our direct trade sourcing is guided by transparency, fair trade, ethical practices and environmental stewardship.
  • * PURELY GROWN with 3 ingredients: water, sun and soil (no pesticides or chemicals)
  • * 100% ARABICA SINGLE ORIGIN Rwandan coffee
  • * SELECT HARVESTED by hand only when ripe. All of our coffees are harvested using "select picking" method by hand and choosing cherries at their ripest

Specifications of Coffee Of Grace - Medium Dark Decaf (12 Oz)

Brand Name Coffee of Grace

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