Spice Jungle ground Oregano - 25 lb. Bulk

Spice Jungle ground Oregano - 25 lb. Bulk

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Spice Jungle ground Oregano - 25 lb. Bulk

Technically a member of the mint family, oregano eschews mintiness for peppery, citric flavors hinting of thyme. In more moderate climates this perennial is easy to grow and can quickly take over any available patch of land. However, when grown in colder climates the flavor is less robust. Used primarily in greek, Italian, Spanish, Mexican and Tex-mex cuisine, oregano lends a peppery, herbal bite to foods. When fresh, itAs used as a finishing spice, whereas dried itAs used at the beginning of cooking to build layers of flavor. ground oregano has its use in spice bases and rubs. We love to use it with a mix of salt, thyme, and cumin and rub it all over chicken thighs. Roast them over a bed of Brussels sprouts and, goodness, itAll be a dinner to remember.

Features of Spice Jungle ground Oregano - 25 lb. Bulk

Oregano is a staple culinary herb, used for the assertive, woodsy, slightly peppery flavor of its leaves, which can be used fresh or dry, but are more flavorful when dried, Oregano is closely related to marjoram, but with a more robust, aromatic flavor. All Natural, gluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-gMO Spice Jungle Brand - 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

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