Taylor & colledge Lemon Extract Paste 1.4oz Tube

Taylor & colledge Lemon Extract Paste 1.4oz Tube

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Product Description

Taylor & colledge Lemon Extract Paste 1.4oz Tube

Taylor & colledge is an Australian company with a history spanning more than 100 years. In 1897, Taylor & colledge won its first award for excellence in vanilla. Since then, the Taylor & colledge commitment for unsurpassed quality has earned its reputation as one of the worldAs finest vanilla producers. Taylor & colledge specializes in single origin Vanilla. We source only the finest sustainably grown bean vanilla and capture the true flavor and aroma in our extracts and pastes. Taylor & colledge is available in selective providers and Fine Food Purveyors. We would love for you to come on the journey with us and learn more about vanilla, where it comes from and meet the families who grow it. Next time you buy Taylor & colledge Vanilla you can be assured that your purchase is helping thousands of growers around the world and making vanilla production more sustainable for the future. It is also a commitment to providing you with the finest vanilla. Our programs mean the quality of the vanilla is nurtured from farm to your pantry. We grow only the best, we bottle only the best.

Features of Taylor & colledge Lemon Extract Paste 1.4oz Tube

Our no mess tube pastes make baking easy Add to your favorite recipe and enjoy real flavor without adding the extra liquid of old style extracts. Our gourmet Lemon Extract Paste is crafted with all natural gluten and gMO free ingredients for a rich, premium taste Add to batters, cake mix, icings, and so much more. Our unique extraction process captures the fresh and tangy, true flavor of Lemon for your baking. Replace the zest of 1 whole lemon with just 1 tsp of Taylor and colledge Lemon Paste. We use only the finest ingredients in our products which shines through in the flavour and aroma of your baking. Made from the finest cold-pressed lemon oil using a technique employed for the past 120 years.

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