Wander Life Coconut Creamer (Unsweetened Original)

Wander Life Coconut Creamer (Unsweetened Original)

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Product Description

Wander Life Coconut Creamer (Unsweetened Original)

Wander Life Coconut Creamer : the perfect dairy-free substitute for on-the-go! Its the first of its kind! Try it in your coffee, tea, smoothies, or use it as a substitute for dairy in your favorite recipe - you will love it! Our containers are the perfect size to throw in your purse or carry-on bag and dont need to be refrigerated, making our Coconut Creamer the convenient and diet-friendly option for our busy customers. Made with all organic ingredients, Wander Life Coconut Creamer is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and Paleo. Our Creamer is full of healthy fats and MCT oil - to help keep you satiated and energized! Wander Life Coconut Creamer is made in the beautiful Austin, TX.

Features of Wander Life Coconut Creamer (Unsweetened Original)

The HEALTHY coffee creamer! Froth it or toss in a blender for perfect froth :) Dairy-Free! Our Creamer is made with 100% organic coconut milk powder with 40% satiating MCTs to provide you with healthy fats and keep you full and energized! This flavor is unsweetened, allowing you to enjoy the creaminess by itself, or you can add your own preferred sweetener! Travel Friendly : Our product is shelf stable for 1-2 years! Throw it in your purse or carry-one while traveling! **Please read all product sizing and ingredient information before purchasing. Our creamers are lovingly hand-made with only organic ingredients in small batches in Austin, TX by our very small business, thus inherently making our products more expensive than a corporate company. We have unsweetened flavors for those who dont like sweet coffee, but our creamers dont taste like a dessert - they are healthy on purpose! Please note our Creamers may not change the color of your coffee**

Specification of Wander Life Coconut Creamer (Unsweetened Original)

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Warning Warning - California Proposition 65

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.