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Wavertree & London Prosecco (2 Bars)
Wavertree & London Prosecco (2 Bars) Wavertree & London Prosecco (2 Bars)

Wavertree & London Prosecco (2 Bars)

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Brand: Wavertree & London
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Wavertree & London Prosecco (2 Bars)

Wavetree & London Luxury Soaps are made by the largest Australian artisan soap maker and distributed throughout the US by Australian Natural Soap. Our quality is a testament to the care that we place in our soap-making process. Every stage and choice ingredient is precise and well thought out, and our luxurious soaps are the refreshing result of our devotion to quality.
The soaps are produced by specialty Italian soap milling machines similar to what is used to produce fine swiss chocolate. The milling process creates a blend of natural ingredients which are pressed into a soap bar. This results in a long lasting moisturizing bar with a creamy lather which has excess moisture and air removed.
Our lovely, posh packaging turns our soaps into delightful gifts as well. With so many options, you'll want to try all of our soap varieties. There's a bar for every season!

Our Soaps:

The ideal soap bar is French-milled (long lasting), made from plant oils, has a creamy moisturizing lather, and a luscious fragrance. And it must not be over priced so you can afford to use it!
We are a soap company and all we do is make a great soap. Making a premium quality soap bar requires the right ingredients, equipment and experience. When it is done right, a French-milled soap bar made from 100% plant oils stands out from the rest.


A premium quality natural soap really does make your skin soft, smoother and less dry. When is the last time you looked forward to getting in the shower and lathering with a bar of soap - it feels that good!
Our bar is non-drying, non-irritating and PH balanced which is ideal for sensitive skin. Many customers tell us our soap has really helped their skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema etc.) and will not use anything else. People don't expect a soap bar to give such relief from skin conditions.
Last and not least, the 100g (3.7oz) bar is an ideal size for the ladies hand. No cutting larger soaps in half!

Features of Wavertree & London Prosecco (2 Bars)

  • INGREDIENTS - We use 100% PURE PLANT OILS - sustainable palm oils, organic Shea Butter, and vegetable glycerin. No Animal Fats, SLS, detergents, or harsh chemicals. Just pure premium grade plant oils.
  • MOISTURIZING BAR - Our moisturizing soap is mild and non-drying. You will notice your skin becomes softer and smoother.
  • LATHER - The creamy lather rinses off cleanly. You feel squeaky clean and fresh after washing. You will have none of that dryness feel that causes you to add lotion to your skin afterwards.
  • LONG-LASTING BAR - The French-Milling process blends the ingredients into a paste before the bar is created. The result is a long-lasting bar with a superior lather. The bar is free of air pockets, excess moisture, stays hard and does not get soft or dissolve with use.

Specifications of Wavertree & London Prosecco (2 Bars)

Brand Name Wavertree & London
Color Prosecco
Size 2 Bars
Weight 0.95 pounds

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