Bulgarian Yogurt Starter (Makes 64 Oz 2 L)

Bulgarian Yogurt Starter (Makes 64 Oz 2 L)

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Bulgarian Yogurt Starter (Makes 64 Oz 2 L)

Makes up to 64 Oz 2 Litres of yogurt contains 15 grams of starter It is the perfect size for making a single batch of yogurt Our Bulgarian yogurt starter makes genuine Bulgarian yogurt (kiselo mlyako) of exceptional quality with classic Bulgarian yogurt taste, thickness, acidity and aroma The yogurt is thick and creamy in nature and has an impeccable taste with just the perfect balance between being mild and tart It is unlike any other yogurt youAve ever tried This is an authentic Bulgarian heirloom yogurt starter Each pack contains loose powder mix, in perfect proportions, of the two cultures required to make Bulgarian yogurt - lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus It makes thick, creamy and absolutely delicious yogurt The starter is organic and fully natural with no preservatives, additives, artificial colors or flavors It contains no gMO ingredients and it is gluten free 100 recyclable and fully plastic free Bacillus Bulgaricus is a heirloom starter with live active cultures, which means that you can reuse yogurt from your previous batch to culture your new batch, for as long as you wish, and only ever go back to the starter if you need to start a fresh batch INgREDIENTS: Live active lactic acid cultures TYPE: Heirloom Bulgarian yogurt starter STRENgTH: 1 gram of starter contains more than 25 billion cfu of live and active cultures 100 potency guaranteed ORIgIN: Produced in Bulgaria PAcKAgE cONTENTS: Sachet, containing the starter, labeled with easy to follow instructions to guarantee success every time We are also always available to help if you ever need an advice Remember - it is super easy to make yogurt check the website for more detailed instructions, yogurt making tips, suggestions and healthy recipes

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