Garlic Powder Seasonings For Cooking - The Gourmet Collection Spice Blends Garlic Onion Spice Blend W/15 Spices - Chicken Burger Vegetable Seasoning!

Garlic Powder Seasonings For Cooking - The Gourmet Collection Spice Blends Garlic Onion Spice Blend W/15 Spices - Chicken Burger Vegetable Seasoning!

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Product Description

FRESH, AUTHENTIc SAVORY FLAVOR - FOR gOURMET QUALITY AT HOME Other garlic seasoning blends often fall into one extreme or the other - too bland and boring, or much too salty At The gourmet collection, weve packed our garlic and Onion Spice Blend with a carefully tested, balanced combination of 15 fresh, premium herbs and spices, with just enough salt to enhance its authentic, savory flavor In fact, our grill seasoning blends contain 30% to 60% less salt than youll find in other brands Unlike other roasted garlic and herb seasoning blends that come in small, low-grade containers that dont preserve your gourmet garlic salt seasoning as they should, we seal our gourmet seasoning in airtight, premium glass cylinders to ensure long-lasting freshness and concentrated flavor Our salt pepper garlic seasoning contains a mouthwatering infusion of 15 fresh herbs and spices, including: -garlic -Onion -carrot -Red bell pepper -coriander -Oregano -Black pepper -Parsley -Sage -chives -cumin Our roasted garlic powder for cooking is delicious as a rotisserie chicken seasoning rub, meat seasoning, pork seasoning, roast vegetables spice, chicken seasoning powder, ox tail seasoning, salmon burger rub, and chicken grill and chicken rubs and seasonings At the gourmet Spices collection, we make it our mission to create the best spice blends on earth Formulated in Australia, our gourmet spices and seasonings feature high-quality herbs and spices collected from around the world combining extraordinary taste with consistent quality, the gourmet collection spices are the result oftireless testing to find the perfect blend for our garlic pepper seasoning everything seasoning blend - so you can make gourmet-quality dishes at home


Unlike other spices and seasonings that are too salty or tasteless, a pinch of The gourmet collections garlic & Onion Spice Blend with rich flavor & lower salt content adds extraordinary flavor with a blend of 15 spices While many spice blends are packaged in small, low quality containers that run out quickly & donAt preserve our garlic & onion rub, our large, premium glass containers & airtight seals maintain long-lasting freshness & contain 156 Servings Less salt than other brands Low-quality cooking spices & seasonings are filled with 60+ percent salt We formulate gourmet collection spices with ten to thirty percent salt, so you get fresh, delicious flavor with a fraction of the salt gourmet without the guesswork Formulated in Australia, our gourmet collection Spice Blends feature high-quality herbs & spices collected from around the world, resulting in a wide range of carefully tested flavors & exotic tastes to try AT THE gOURMET cOLLEcTION its OUR MISSION to create the BEST SPIcE BLENDS ON EARTH We combine EXTRAORDINARY TASTE with cONSISTENT QUALITY to create the PERFEcT BLEND of delicious spice blends so you can make gOURMET-QUALITY dishes at home


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This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Product FAQs

Q: How much salt does this garlic and onion spice blend contain compared to other brands?

Ans: Our garlic and onion spice blend contains 30% to 60% less salt than other brands, providing a balanced and savory flavor.

Q: What are the key ingredients in this garlic and onion spice blend?

Ans: The key ingredients include garlic, onion, carrot, red bell pepper, coriander, oregano, black pepper, parsley, sage, chives, and cumin.

Q: How many servings are in one container of this garlic and onion spice blend?

Ans: Each container contains 156 servings of the garlic and onion spice blend, providing long-lasting freshness and flavor.

Q: Where are the gourmet collection spice blends formulated?

Ans: The gourmet collection spice blends are formulated in Australia, using high-quality herbs and spices from around the world.

Q: What dishes can I use this garlic and onion spice blend for?

Ans: This spice blend is versatile and can be used for rotisserie chicken, meat seasoning, roast vegetables, salmon burgers, and more.